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Benefits of flat fiberglass roofs {GRP}

Glass reinforced plastic fiberglass roofing, or GRP roofing , is one of the best flat roofing materials money can buy. A properly installed fiberglass roof will last for more than 35 years with no visual deterioration, which makes it the perfect choice for homes and outbuildings that require a roof that will stand up to the elements for years.

Benefits of GRP flat fiberglass roofs

Fiberglass roofs are very strong and durable. This makes them perfect to protect you from would be thieves and to keep them out of buildings, also fiberglass roofing has little value if removed. As such, thieves are less likely to target your building;Fiberglass roofs last for more than 35 years and they are easy to clean and maintain;Fiberglass roofing is waterproof when installed properly and will combat wet and windy weather that would cause a felt or bitumen roof to fail;Fiberglass roofing is easier to repair, extend and replace;Fiberglass roofing is waterproof and resists wear and tear;Fiberglass roofing is quicker to install because it weighs very little;Fiberglass roofing is now available in a variety of colors – so it can Transform your home.

Downsides to fiberglass roofs

We cant think of any real downsides to fiberglass roofs. They used to be boring to look at but that is no longer the case.

How much does a GRP flat fiberglass roof cost?

Those looking into a new roof should always seek various quotes to get a true idea of how much a fiberglass roof should cost. Furthermore, any roofers you look at should have public liability insurance and be fully trained in GRP work.

The cost of a fibreglass roof depends on the size of the building and also the complexity of the job. You should not have to pay anything for a consultation and quote – we do not charge anything for these. Having installed hundreds of GRP roofs, we recommend that you budget £1,200 – £1,500 for a 5×4 metre installation. This may sound like a lot, but the long-term cost of fiberglass roofing is very low compared to felt or bitumen.

How do I choose an installer?

Roofers you look at should have public liability insurance and be trained in the proper installation of the product as there are techniques that need to be applied to make sure the finished roofing is top quality , look out for companies who will guarantee the works for at least 15 years and a good local company may have more advantages than the big players including better service , competitive prices and speed of installation.


At mjg roofing services, we have extensive experience installing GRP flat roofing. We recommend this type of flat roofing for a wide range of properties and you can always expect a fantastic level of service from us. To find out more, call us or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you to arrange a no obligation estimate and quote.





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