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How to protect a roof from birds

Bird dropping and bird nesting is dangerous to health. This may sound simple but it can result to a risky acquiring diseases to humans. In the UK, birds from pigeons, seagulls and magpies have one thing in common.

That is to spread diseases and result to damage of your property, diseases like histoplasmosis,candidiasis, cryptococcosis, salmonellosis, E.coli infection are some of the illnesses these birds can badly affect the human health if preventions are not done at home.

Damage of property can also occur like gutter blockages caused by nesting birds, chimney blockages, gutter damage and in the worst case a water damaged roof that can cause a huge load of other problems. The following are some of the products that can be used to get rid of the problem: Bird Spikes These will deter the birds from landing, nesting or leaving droppings behind on your property. They can be used in various locations from window sills, walls and ridge tiles and are easy to handle and install.

Visual Deterrents Birds will keep visiting the same place for various reasons and will ultimately go where they feel comfortable. Visual deterrents will trigger a scare factor for the birds, resulting them fleeing the area, once this has happened a couple of times, they wont come back. Visual deterrents tend to be in the shape of a predator or something that is reflective, both will scare the birds away. Visual deterrents are a low cost solution and very effective.

Bird Netting Bird Netting can be seen all over cities across the UK, usually in built up urban environments. It can also be used by farmers to protect their crops. Bird netting is perfect for large areas as the netting can come in various sizes and is available in various sizes and different colours such as black, stone or translucent. The key to deterring birds from your roof can be gotten rid of easy! With everything will be prevented and sorted as our company offers free quotes and authentic service to help you save money and headache of the many costly roofing repairs. Please get in touch at 01935 639211.






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