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Winter Roof Problems.

It is a problem many people in the UK especially when it is raining heavily will encounter, during or after the winter season

The following are some of the major effects raining in winter cause on your roofs. is here to provide solutions for all your roofing problems.

1. Roof Leakage Heavy rainfall can definitely result in the weakening of certain spots in the roof. Leakage into the affected areas like attics could generate mould contamination that would ruin the attic insulation. Chronic roof leaks lead to wood deterioration and weakened rotten roof, battens and joists causing serious problems that need assistance from a professional roofer to avoid expensive wood damage repairs if water leaks down into ceilings and walls.

2. Basement Flooding There are a number of reasons why a basement might flood. One reason could be surface inflow, or overland flooding. During severe weather conditions, this water can flow into the home and can cause certain risks. In general, proper grading on the property will reduce the risk of surface water getting into your home. Another reason is foundation drainage failure. Homes usually have some forms of a drainage system built around them. This way promotes the movement of water away from the basement and stops the entry of water into the building.

3. Exterior Wall Damage Damage on the wall mainly comes from holes caused by moisture and water that sits in it. Water can then ingress causing damage and resulting in mould. Not only that, homeowners notice damp patches on walls which are basically penetrating damp, condensation and raising damp. Penetrating damp is present when there is a defect in the roof, clogged or damaged gutters that allow the water to enter the building materials. Condensation on the other hand is caused when warm air with vapor comes in contact with cold surfaces. And lastly, a raising damp can be identified in different ways as this a very subtle way to be noticed as damage at home. Some signs include raised white deposits, damp and musty smell, discoloration , mould and decaying timbers. Leaking is definitely a huge problem! To avoid hassle that would affect your daily living, contact a professional that can fix your roofing issues. is here to provide trained professionals with competitive skills to complete your work with high standards, reliable, friendly and affordable prices.

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