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How to find the best roofer for your job

Updated: May 1

The best way to find a great roofing company is by good recommendations from friends and family ,but if you have no recommendations you can search the web or go see who is advertising in local papers or publications.

Company's that have been trading a long time in your area have kept going most likely to good service and tradesmen that deliver a great service , also you will find they have been recognised as good by testimonials and great feedback on sites like Yell.Com etc.

There are specialist companies that may just do fibreglass roofing or slate and tile only and bigger firms may well service all areas of roofing.

If they have a membership of a trade organisation that is usually a good thing but can not guarantee a hundred percent that a good job will always result in there works ,whilst smaller companies are not affiliated to a trade organisation but will be great in achieving a lovely job.

Roofing leaks especially can be time consuming and complex to solve and even the best firms in the area will struggle at times to resolve the problem first time and the leak may have to be visited several times to rule out the cause of water ingress,we at know that this is definitely the biggest enigma in roofing the hard to find leak ,but have always found and resolved the cause of water leaking into the house ,even we have on the rare occasions to go out three to four times to solve the must elusive of leaks .

There are ways to find a good roofer but be careful as there are some unscrupulous people around , long standing local companies in my opinion are the best ones to engage in your work as they have mostly a proven track record in this field and although you will pay more the results will be positive and the repair or work will have longevity .





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