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How to make concrete for yourself.

Around the world concrete is a widely used material in construction as it has a top compressive strength that can hold a lot of weight without getting crushed. It is commonly used for buildings, bridges, roads and dams. It has the ability to provide a thermal mass which is highly energy efficient.

It has a life span that can double or triple compared to other building materials.

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Here at we share ideas on how to perform basic concrete mixing in order to make a consistent and proper mixed concrete.

1. Prepare all the materials needed for mixing.

These are cement, aggregate, sand and water. On the other hand tools are also required to do the job. You need a bucket, dust mask, shovel, rubber gloves, safety glasses, a bristle brush and wheelbarrow.

2. Now with all the materials and tools, blend the solid materials and slowly add water. What is important is you are using the right mixing ratio.

3. Slowly mix all the materials with water. You can use a mixer or shovel . However, in big construction works, use a mixer to effectively mix all the ingredients. Continue mixing until all materials are evenly wet and ready for concreting.

4. Make sure you got the right ratio of the materials. Too wet concrete results in a greater shrinkage with possibility of more cracks and weak comprehensive strength while too dry does not allow the particles to stick together. Therefore, basic mixing ingredients include the ratio of one (1) cement: two (2) sand: three (3) gravel slowly mixed together until it is workable.

5. Lastly, cleaning up the tools carefully is important after doing the work. Since if you allow the cement to stay on the tools for a long time this causes it to harden and then hard to take off. Clean tools make your work easier the next time you need them.

Concrete works may be difficult for some people! as it is hard and dirty work requiring skill in using the final product. Therefore, professional, skilled and qualified tradesmen are all you need. Worry no more because here at we offer the highest quality of work with reliable workers at a competitive price. With over thirty years in service we can provide knowledge and skills to complete your work in good time and a high standard. Call us or fill out the contact form to arrange a free no obligation survey and update





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