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How to paint rooms for beginners a step by step guide.

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Painting is the most common DIY venture undertaken by homeowners and it’s easy to see why!

Whether you’re a decorating beginner or a seasoned veteran this accessible guide will furnish you with the right info for a proper room refresh!

Before you jump head first into the project at hand there are a few things you want to take into account: What quality of paint you would really like and the fun element – choosing a colour!

If you’ve already selected your paint, then you definitely finished half the venture – this will be a top notch time to praise yourself with a cup of tea.

So, you’ve bought the paint, now what? We’ve created a accessible buying list of the needed essentials for you.


Your selected emulsion coloration

A small angled paint brush at round 1 ½” extensive

A paint roller tray

A damp sponge

A canvas sheet to guard the floors and any furniture which could not be moved out of the space.

Primer & Undercoat (we'd usually propose)

Painter’s tape or protecting tape!

A ladder to reach the higher areas and ceilings on the wall

A paint kettle

Paint stirrer

Ready-mixed Filler

A flat scraper tool

Fine sandpaper

Before you begin make certain to prep your surfaces . The key to a expert finish is prep work, a small assignment but very easy to forget about.



Remove as much from the room you are painting and cover any last furnishings/gadgets , your floors with your sheets.


Any holes from wall artwork or furnishings will need to be filled with a fine filler finish, Just take a small quantity of filler with the edge of your scraper and keeping it at a 45-degree angle towards the wall, pull the filler across the hole. Then put the scraper to the wall at a ninety-degree angle, remove any extra filler.

Follow the suggested drying time of the filler you have chosen and once dry, use fine sandpaper to take away any extra filler and create a smooth finish.

STEP three.

Preparation is the key to an extended-lasting paint finish, if you miss this step your surfaces could chip and be prone to flaking. Use a moist sponge to wash you wall, Sugar cleaning soap or diluted washing up liquid are perfectly satisfactory because the most essential part of this step is making sure your walls and ceilings have been nicely washed off and are flawlessly dry before painting.

STEP four.

Last Prep Step! Use your choice of tape to mask around any edges of things you don’t desire to color as an instance; light switches, plug sockets & skirting boards.

TOP TIP – Alternatively, when you have a screwdriver handy, unscrew the sockets and switches to get a perfect finish. Be sure to keep your screws secure and don't lose them.

Your prep work is now complete!



You can bypass this step if you’re painting onto existing paint (win!) despite the fact that we would endorse diluting a touch of your chosen paint to touch up those holes you’ve filled in!


Let’s Mix it up! If your area requires more than one tin, mix the two collectively in a paint kettle to ensure a wonderfully even color. Stir your paint very well!

TOP TIP – Pop your preferred music track on and stir your paint for the complete tune! Or approximately three minutes! This makes sure your paint has been mixed well but also makes the venture fun!


You’re ready to paint! Start by doing all your edges with a cutting in brush, this makes it loads less difficult and gives you a body to work within with your roller. Then, grab your roller and cover the entire wall one coat in diagonal ‘V fashioned motions. Leave for 4-6 hours to dry, depending on room temperature.


How smooth was that! Time to do your second coat, repeat exactly the same as you did with Step three. When you've got finished, take off your tape (if used) and then step back give your self a big pat on the back and make yourself a properly deserved cup of tea.

**Remember to let the paint dry for the appropriate amount of time before putting back furniture ,pictures e.t.c the surfaces can be dry to touch however that doesn’t imply it's fully dried!**





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