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Double glazing is fitting windows with two glasses to act as insulation against noise and loss of heat. And the following are the benefits:

1. Save money on heating bills. To keep the topmost amount of heat at home, double-glazing has been designed in order to conserve heating energy. This does not allow heat escape out of the windows. According to the energy saving trust a typical semi-detached house would save between £75-£100 with B rated double glazing glass installed. With A rated glass installed you could save £85-£110 year. For a detached home you can save as much as £130 per window for A rated glass and in a flat you could save £50-60 a year.

2. Eliminate Noise. Loud motorbikes and cars passing by your house while you are resting is very annoying. However, you can do something about it. Double-glazing answers that simple problem because it eliminates the noise from the outside when perfectly fitted as the gaps are being blocked.

3. Safe to the environment. Double-glazing helps you maintain heating your home while refraining from turning your heating on as this helps keep the house warm for a long time. It helps stop heat loss as the perfect fitting of the windows keep the heating stay and in this manner you are saving the earth as well.

4. Suits home style. Choosing the style and design of the window can be tricky for you however there are various options that you can choose from. Double glazed windows can be a vertical sliding window. This fits your house perfectly if your house is more of an older or traditional design. In applying this, make sure to choose the right materials as well. Another style is tilt and turn windows. If you have small children this is great for you. This has a safe closing and opening type. It is also flexible and easy when cleaning. This can basically be closed while you can still enjoy the fresh air. Georgian windows is another type. The name of the style is derived from the Georgian times as it is was popular during those times. This style gives character as the windows look different and separated but actually are not.

5. Provides Security. At home safety always comes first especially with our loved ones inside. Double glazed windows are made strong and hard if you compare it to a single glazed window and that gives your family security. Even burglars find it hard to break in to your house because it is hard to open the windows from the outside.

6. Lessen Condensation. Double glazed windows produce warmth at home therefore it provides less condensation. Presence of high water vapor content and low glass surface temperature is important. And if your windows are double glazed the temperature of the room is much higher.

7. Less damage to interior furnishings. During the winter season double-glazing is very helpful to the comfort inside the house. Not only that, having installed this, the advantage of keeping your interior furnishings is maintained. Heat coming from the sun causes the furniture to weaken and damage its quality however, these doubled glazed glasses are the solution to your problem.

8. Offers high value of your home. Owning a property is an investment. After a hard and long day of working it is wonderful to go home with to a comfortable house where you can lay your tired body down as a reward of working hard. You deserve it! Taking care of your house is similar to taking care of yourself. The more you look after it the more is its value. Therefore, if you decided to put your house on sale, many buyers will be attracted to it as it is properly managed and maintained.

9. Affordable maintenance. People are concerned in maintaining their homes because they worry about the expenses. I want to disagree with this because not all the times is it expensive to keep a home look new and clean. Home owners with double glazed windows do not always find cleaning hard as the task is easy to do. All you have to do is clean regularly to avoid moist and mold growing. In this case, you can maintain it affordably.

10. Better insulation. Whether it is summer or winter double glazing provide better insulation as it makes your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The double glazed window regulates your home's temperature.

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