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Keeping your home warm in the winter

Winter can be a good or bad for some people.sometimes there will be snow and a lot of cold nights and mornings to contend with.

Some enjoy it as they can stay longer in bed and enjoy the times they can relax while cuddling their soft and warm pillows, others love to dress up in their outdoor winter attire as they wear their trendy boots, coats, scarves, hats, headbands, earmuffs, vests .

To kids, winter is a fun time while going out in the field with their families skiing, sledding, snowboarding and most of all building snowmen as they breathe the cold frosty air. There are lots of diverse reasons why some love the winter season.

On the other hand, there are also people who do not like winter. Various reasons simply includes a costly season to keep the house warm as it is very important to stay cosy and comfortable during the cold night or day. Keeping warm might be expensive however, is sharing you ways to keep your house warm in winter to save you a few pounds.

The follwing are ten (8) helpful ways to warm you and your family:

1. Attach draught-excluder. During the winter season you want to prevent the cold air coming in as much as possible and in any way you can. Attaching a draught excluder is one way of sorting it out. Draught excluder is simply strip of foam rubber, metal or other material inserted in a door or window frame to keep out draughts .

2. Use rugs to cover the floor. Rugs play various important roles at home. They are often times use as home décor as they brighten up a room and give warmth and comfort. They are easy replacement to a carpet. Using them is also appropriate to any parts of the house and surfaces. During the winter season wooden or cemented floor are no different, they are simply cold. You can therefore place rugs in your lounge room and to areas where kids eat and play to provide them extra warmth.

3. Hang thick curtains. Just like anything else that plays various importance in the house, thick curtains have their own uses. In some cases people use them to beautify windows, in Dubai people use curtains to protect their houses from dusts getting in. On a practical note, they are energy saving whether on a summer or winter season. Most importantly thick or blackout curtains keep the heat in the room by blocking the cold from the snow outside.

4. Close windows properly. This is most commonly taken for granted by people. You might be one of them! There we go! Check every window in your house and make sure you close it because no matter how small the opening is it will still bring the cold air inside the house. You might want to apply adhesive foam tape to the windows as this will help block the air coming in. It is inexpensive way to make the room warm as well.

5. Use warm blankets. The type and quality of cloth you are using matters. During a very cold day flannel winter bed sheets are the most amazing. Provided with the kind of sheets you can also create layers of top sheets and blankets. Add to that a warmer comforter or duvet, definitely you will have a cosy night and day.

6. Cap unused chimneys and vents that serve no purpose .

7. Seal windows and doors. Insulating your home is not always expensive. You can often find ways to apply fixing for circumstances needed in your case. Sealing windows and doors by yourself is highly manageable.

8. Fill the gaps of the floor. Having stripped floorboards is fabulous especially during summer but during the winter it could be horrible because the gaps between the boards can literally let the cold air in. Filling the gaps of the floor is very easy to do. Simply use a wood filler. Choose a filler's color that would match the color of your floorboards to make it look exactly the same as with your original floor. You can then apply the filler by putting it into the gaps. You can use a simple filler blade to apply it and after the application make sure that all the gaps are filled and wait until it dries off.then you can wipe the excess filler with a rag wet with water. Hurray! Done!

Fill in the gaps in the floor boards to keep the cold out

These are just few tips to keep your house definitely warm during the cold season! And is just a call away if you need professional service as we provide excellent and efficient service. We provide competent knowledge and skills to complete your work in good time and high standard. For over thirty (30) years in the industry we have rendered the highest quality of services for domestic customers, commercial, industrial and housing associations.

Our long history of quality services have earned the reputation of one of the respected and trusted roofing and maintenance service companies in the area.

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