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Leaking roof , what to do next.

Like most people, the roof and attic space is of no interest That is, until you realize you've got a leak.

Leaking roofs are fairly common in Britain, but what are your first steps when discovering a leak?

Water ingress can cause serious damage very quickly, and it's important to act immediately. Call a reputable roofer to tackle the problem.

What can you do while you're waiting for the roofer to arrive?

Release water

A leak will usually cause water to accumulate in certain areas, before spreading and finding entry points such as light fittings. Over time, more leaking points will be found by the water, which can make the leak seem rather more serious than it really is.

Examine your ceiling for a bulge and then place a container under it. Then poke a small hole in the middle of the bulge and allow all the water to escape into the container.

Slower Water Leaks

Some leaks allow a more slower stream of water. in many cases, patches of damp or mould on ceilings or rafters are a sign you may have a leak. Rotting timbers or beams are another sign of water.

Finding the leak

It's not always easy to find the source of a leak. Where water enters through a roof and where it enters through your ceiling may not be in alignment. If plywood or timber lies under your roof, it's common for water to enter through the roof and travel to the nearest joint.

Get some help

If it is still raining, finding the leak may be easier , If it is not raining, try getting someone's help to locate the leak. If you are ok with heights climb the roof with a hosepipe and begin spraying water over the roof. Your roofing buddy can now hopefully be able to tell you where the water is coming in from now..

Once found

Having found the leak, you can carry out a temporary repair or cover the roof until the roofing company get there to sort it our properly.

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