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Simple gutter cleaning tips.

Gutters control the flow of rainwater to protect your roof, wall and foundation. But when taken for granted it can turn into a horrendous problem. Here at, we offer some helpful and useful tips in gutter cleaning.

1. Cut down hanging leaves

Falling leaves are the main source of clogged gutter. However, cutting them down regularly reduces stress from later costly repair. On the other hand make sure that those hanging leaves belong to you because according to law, you only have the right to trim and cut branches up to property line. It is trespassing to cut or destroy your neighbor's tree.

2. Use a stepladder in cleaning

Make sure you are using a ladder for safety. Do not keep on pushing or pulling your ladder sideways because that can make it wobbly. Facing the ladder in going up and down will keep you safe. Most of all, maintain a strong grip when holding it.

c. Always wear cleaning gear

Pests like rodents, bees, hornets, wasps, termites and ants, mosquitoes and birds can be harmful and dangerous to your health. Therefore, using protective gear is very necessary. Always wear gloves to protect your hands, eye gear for your eyes. You do not know these pests will fly out from the gutter while you are cleaning. Wearing rubber shoes is also one advantage for safety purposes as this prevents you from slips and accidents.

d. Be mindful of power lines

Guttering and maintenance services

It is important to inspect electrical cables before cleaning. If you found broken or damaged wires contact professional electricians to assess the situation.

Responsible homeowner ensures safety before anything else. And is also here to make it possible. We provide top quality roofing solutions to the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors. With over thirty years in the roofing and maintenance industry we can provide the knowledge and skills to complete your work in good time and to a high standard, reliable ,friendly services at affordable prices.





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