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Top 7 Roof Maintenance Tips

Change of weather conditions causes wear and tear on your roof surface, guttering pipes, and chimneys. Before we know it this can lead you to costly repairs and expensive damage of property. Here at we provide you helpful tips in roof maintenance.

1. Determine the problem The most important way to solve a problem is to find out what it is. Determining the problem will give you a good idea on how to deal with it. Roofing problems are a big headache and time consuming in sorting out.

2. Clean or Fix Gutter for instance is the main drainage system on the roof that allows water to flow smoothly from the roof. However, it will struggle to work when falling leaves, branches of trees and debris clogg them up especially during autumn. Cleaning or fixing the damage is the best solution to save a costly repair in the future.

3. Verify gutter placement Proper placement of the gutter plays an important role and its function. If the gutter is not in a proper position it can malfunction. It must be correctly angled to avoid flow and drainage issues. You can also spray a garden hose to check whether it is installed right.

4. Check the roof surface The primary function of the roof is for insulation. The purpose of the roof is to protect people from the different weather conditions and their possession, therefore the choice and structure of roofing material is very important. Poor insulation and ventilation of roofing can cause problem such as ice dam formation due to the overhanging leaves in cold weather.

5. Cut down hanging leaves Plants and trees are vital in our lives. They give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilize the soil and give life to the wildlife. On the other hand, they offer disadvantages when such branches and leaves start to hang and fall over the roof. It is therefore necessary to cut them and maintain appropriate size in order to prevent roofing issues.

6. Keep an eye on the chimneys Chimney is the vertical pipe which conducts smoke and combustion gases up from home. Chimney fire produced can result in severe damage of the structure like cracked walls, tiles

or cause clay liners to break and can also collapse from heat. This can be a dangerous problem if not given attention to. Therefore, checking your chimneys regularly is very important.

7. Constant attic inspection Attics can be necessary or not. It all depends on the homeowners whether they will have attics especially in warm countries that have flat roofing with no attics. However, cold countries like the UK, attics are important to keep a house cool in summer and warm in winter. This requires a specific amount of insulation. Electrical, heating, plumbing, insulation, structure and roof sheathing are the most common problems that can be found herein. When issue arises hire professionals to deal with it. For more information and solution on roofing problems contact With over thirty years in the roofing and maintenance industry we can provide the knowledge and skills to complete your work in good time and to a high standard, reliable ,friendly services at affordable prices.

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